a Web Comic by Lutz A.D.

Page 73 – Timber!

The Dead Have Issues - pg 73

We are getting down to the wire (pun intended) – there are only a few pages left of The Dead Have Issues! The next few weeks are going to be crazy busy, but I’m not letting anything get in the way of finishing this book. It’s really scary for me to be working on this week to week, I was hoping to have some buffer pages, but what are ya gonna do? The show must go on! So don’t miss out, tune in next week to find out what happens! The week of Halloween will be the final page!

This week’s soundtrack comes from one of my favorites, GOBLIN REBIRTH! It’s off their self titled album and the track is called  “Evil in the Machine.” I can’t tell you how big of a GOBLIN fan I am! Long story short, Goblin Rebirth is a new incarnation of part of Goblin. Anyway, I don’t want to get into the history/drama of the band. I got to see Goblin perform live before they split into 2 bands, but I’ve been really stoked for Goblin Rebirth’s debut album, it’s awesome. End of story, go pick it up! That’s it for now, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week – cheers!



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