a Web Comic by Lutz A.D.

Page 69 – They’re Here

The Dead Have Issues - page 69

Well it must be some kind of a miracle that I got this page done. One, it’s a pretty heavy page, so it took me a little longer to finish. But the real kicker is that my computer froze during coloring, so I had to re-due a lot of work. Just a reminder, save often kids! Anyway, I powered through and here it is! There are a lot of heavy drawing pages coming up, so it might take me longer to draw. With that said, I probably won’t post a new page next week. It’s my wife’s Bday (Happy Birthday!), so I probably won’t have time to get a page done. But rest assured, I’ll be back with a new page soon!

This week’s soundtrack comes from Night Runner! The track is called “Invaders” and it’s off the album Starfighter. I love the pace of this track, there’s almost a sense of anxiety to it, but it still retains a haunting undertone. Very cool stuff! If you like what you hear, be sure to check out more from Night Runner! That’s it for now, thanks for reading and check back soon – cheers!



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