a Web Comic by Lutz A.D.

Page 53 – Under the Weather

The Dead Have Issues - page 53

Things are not looking to good for this guy. Apparently it’s bad to touch a meteor from the unknown? Also, jeez, is Todd a dick or what? Anyway, I cut it close with this page, I went and saw Billy Idol on Monday – which is when I usually do a lot of coloring. But, I pulled through and got it done! Oh, and yes, Billy Idol was awesome! It was just him and Steve Stevens doing an acoustic set in a small club! Pretty damn cool.

Speaking of music, this week’s pick comes from TCR – the track is called “Monster Squad” and it’s off of the album Wrath to Ruin. This album is pretty rad and there are a lot of cool tracks. The release from 30 Floor Records (vs the original release) seems to have some extra tracks on it (this one included), so be sure to check it out! That’s it for now, tune in next week as our story heats up even more! Thanks for reading – cheers!



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