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Highway Superstar – Night in the City, Part 2

Highway Superstar Comic - 2

Welcome back! As promised, here is Part 2 of the Highway Superstar mini comic! This was a really fun page to draw. I’m really happy with the colors and the flow of the page, but I think the evil villain is my favorite. I’m not entirely sure what he’s based on, but I guess he’s kind of a combination of Moltar, Battlestar Galactica and Boba Fett. He just kind of fell out of my head onto the page! Anyway, one thing I’ve learned is that I’m pretty fond of drawing this type of Sci Fi art and I may explore it more. Don’t get me wrong, I love drawing graveyards and ghouls, but Sci Fi allows for a little more freedom and creativity. Alright, I think I’m babbling now, on to the music!

I’m selecting the title track off of the album, Take My Time. When I was drawing these pages, I put the album on a loop so I could get into the right mindset. The song Take My Time would get stuck in my head for days! I also brought in some of the lyrics as dialog for the comic, which I think works well and ties everything together. I hope you’ve all enjoyed the mini comic, as I’ve enjoyed sharing it with you! The comic is still available as a limited addition print in the Take My Time bundle over at Highway Superstar’s site. You get the Album, a T-shirt, Poster and a Comic! Get on it while supplies last! I’d like to give a big shout out to Highway Superstar – this was a fun project and I’m glad we got to work together! On a side note, I’m going to be taking next week off to continue working on The Dead Have Issues. We’ll continue our story on July 30 with Page 33! That’s it for now, thanks for reading – Cheers!



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