a Web Comic by Lutz A.D.

Highway Superstar – Night in the City, Part 1

Highway Superstar Comic - 1Hello everyone – I have a special treat for you this week! I recently collaborated with Highway Superstar on a project. HS asked me to create a mini comic to accompany a limited addition ‘Tape’ of his new album. I really wanted to create something special to accompany his music; something very 80s. I’ve always loved the campy Sci-Fi shows of the 80s like Buck Rogers, Doctor Who, Knight Rider and M.A.S.K. (cartoon) – just to name a few! I wanted that vibe to carry through into the comic. Combining this Sci-Fi element with HS’s initial suggestions led to a really fun project! If you’re unfamiliar with Highway Superstar, I shared a track of his way back on Page 9! I’m excited to share this mini comic and more music from HS with you all! I decided to pick one of of my favorite tracks off of the Take My Time album, entitled Them or Us – I think this track works great with the page too.

The comic is available as a limited addition print in the Take My Time bundle over at Highway Superstar’s site. You get the Album, a T-shirt, Poster and a comic! Get on it while supplies last! Next week I’ll post the second part of the comic, so be sure to check back for the conclusion (and place an order for your own personal copy)! Support independent music and art! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you here next week!



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