a Web Comic by Lutz A.D.

Page 29 – Smoke Break

The Dead Have Issues - Page 29

This page makes me chuckle. I’m sure we’ve all known that person who has to have a smoke at the most awkward of times. Good thing ghouls can’t smell – right? At least I don’t think they can? Well, I sure hope not… that old building looks a little shady too… Anyway, not a lot to say this week. My summer time activities are starting to pick up, so I may have to take a week off soon to get caught up, but maybe not. I’ll let you know. There’s some really fun stuff coming and I want to be able to put the time in to get the art looking awesome!

This week’s music pick comes from Orax. The track is called Pilgrimage. The first thing that drew me to this track were the crows. I love crows! The saxophone is also pretty awesome and reminds me a little of Lost Boys (which is a good thing). As always, if you like what you hear, be sure to go check out more from Orax! That’s all for now, thanks for reading and I’ll see you here next week! Cheers!



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