a Web Comic by Lutz A.D.

Page 13 – Honk!

The Dead Have Issues - Page 13

Page 13 already, crazy! Well, our two main protagonists are together at last, plus those jerks in the truck don’t seem to let up. Anyway, I’m starting to get a little more playful and free with the artwork, there are some fun pages coming up. I’m also working on some ideas for stickers and maybe T-shirts at some point, that will probably be closer to the summer or maybe even fall. At that point, I might be ditching my Zazzle shop and opening a Big Cartel or something. But, more on that later.

This week’s music pick is from Mogi Grumbles and the track is called ‘Bad Enough Dude’ from the I Heard You Were Dead album. It sounds like this is based off of or inspired by Escape from New York, which is one of my favorites! Anyway, it’s a cool track and I felt like it worked well with this page. If you like what you hear go check out more from Mogi Grumbles (love the name). See you here next week and thanks for reading, cheers!



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