a Web Comic by Lutz A.D.

Page 5 – Arise!

The Dead Have Issues - pg5

I’ve been really excited to get to this page! It’s one of my favorites and I hope you all enjoy it. It’s our first glimpse at a Graveyard Ghoul! Ok, theoretically he’s a Zombie, but I want to try and refrain from using that term, I always liked when they were refereed to as ‘Ghouls’ in old Horror Comics, so that’s what I’m calling them here. Anyway, there will be much more of this to come, but there is still more story to tell. We haven’t even met our protagonists yet, so be sure to check back next week as we continue our story!

This week’s music pick is by one of my favorite bands, Zombi! Their music sounds so much like it’s the soundtrack to a Fulci, Argento, Romero or even a Carpenter movie from the 80s – I love it! This track is called Orion, it’s from their first full length entitled Cosmos. I listen to this album all of the time. I figured it was perfect for this page, but I’m also going to see them play this weekend with the legendary Goblin! I am really, really excited! Anyway, if you enjoy this track, be sure to check out more of their stuff, you won’t be disappointed! Until next time – Cheers!



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