a Web Comic by Lutz A.D.

Sauin – Black Cat

Black Cat

UPDATE: Print is now available for purchase here!

It’s almost October and I’m getting excited! As I mentioned last week, I’ll be trying to post Halloween themed artwork on the site leading up to the Holiday. I know I said I wanted to do more monsters, but that wasn’t sitting right with me. One of my favorite things about Halloween is the old vintage decorations and costumes. Not only for the Halloween look, but also for the classic Americana and Minimalism. Halloween has a lot of history in Minnesota (which is where I’m from). Anoka MN is the self proclaimed Halloween Capital of the World, it hosted the first Halloween parades back in the 20s and still does so to this day. Besides that, there are Scarecrow festivals in Belle Plaine, lots of Pumpkins and Apples, Haunted Hay Rides/Houses throughout the state (my favorite being the Haunted Basement at the Soap Factory in Minneapolis), etc, etc! This weekend is the Horror Convention, Crypticon, next week is my wedding anniversary and more! Ok, ok, I’ll stop rambling now. With all that said, I love Halloween and October, so I wanted to do something a little different artistically to reflect that.

I really love all the old vintage masks, and well, masks in general. One in particular always stood out to me, and that’s all the old ‘Black Cat’ masks. I love all the variations on the look and how a lot of them seem to stick to the same color theme. So I decided to create my own version! I really wanted try something different and breakout of my current ‘style’ as I’ve felt like I’ve been in a rut lately. I drew the cat and took a more ‘minimalistic’ approach to it. I really went for a clean and sharp illustration. I’m really happy with how it turned out and I may try to do some more variations on this theme. I also think I’m going to make prints of this, I like it so much. I’ll most likely be adding this to my Zazzle Shop and will keep the price affordable (which means no stretched canvas, to expensive). Oh, and if you’re wondering what ‘Sauin’ means, it’s Manx for Samhain (Gaelic) which also means Halloween. There, you learned a little history today – didn’t ya? I’ll update this post later this week when Sauin! is available, if anyone is interested. Check back next week, I have a big announcement that’s been a long time coming! Until then, thanks for reading and checking out my art – cheers!


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