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Man of Steel: Review & Art!


Why hello! This week I’ve decided to give my thoughts on Man of Steel (spoiler free) and much like my Evil Dead review, I’ve also added a drawing! I wanted to post this earlier in the week, but my week has been getting gobbled up. Better late then never I always say – Ok, on to the review!

A lot of the stuffy (possibly out of touch) movie critics have been bashing the new Man of Steel movie. For instance, take a look at Rotten Tomatoes. I really feel like these “critics” and haters in general have difficulties letting go of the Richard Donner/Christopher Reeves films. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love those movies! They were probably my first introduction into Superman, along with the old Fleischer Studios cartoons my parents showed me. The problem is, that most of the public only know the Reeves Superman, and with good reason, his version is iconic and Americana at it’s best.

As great as that is, it gets dated after awhile. A lot of people have a problem with change because it’s scary. They don’t want their memory of a character to be destroyed. The thing is, these characters are immortal. Superman has been around for 75 years already. The character has had a lot of adventures during that time and had a lot of things happen in the comics. A lot of things that a mainstream audience has not read or paid attention to. So how do you reintroduce this iconic character to a world outside of comics and cartoons? That’s the question isn’t it? Well, I believe Zach Snyder, Christopher Nolan and David Goyer answer that question and do it beautifully with Man of Steel.

Man of Steel is visually breathtaking. Everything from Krypton, which we really get to see and explore for the first time in cinema, to all of the ‘Earth’ locations, Flashbacks and Action sequences is pure eye candy. When you go into watch Man of Steel, really try to go into it like your meeting Superman for the first time. This movie is really the “Year One” Superman story, much like Batman Begins reintroduced the franchise years ago. Now, mentioning Batman and Nolan, he did help with this movie. But despite what critics say, this does NOT feel like a “Dark Knight” version of Superman. I don’t think they feel anything alike in fact. Maybe it’s the narrow mindedness of these pretentious film snobs? They don’t know what to compare this film to, other than Batman and the Marvel movies.

I saw one critic say their wasn’t enough ‘romance and comedy’ in Man of Steel. To that I say, “good!” That’s not what I want out of a Superman flick. I want a movie that reflects the character in a new light and has a guy who can fly, smash things with his fists and shoot beams of heat out of his eyes! And that’s what this movie is! It’s a massive action flick! If I want a Superman “romance” story, I’ll go watch Lois & Clark (which won’t be happening). Speaking of action, wow… the battle scenes in this movie are awesome! You remember the final battle/city destruction at the end of The Avengers? Well, think of that, but bigger – like it’s been given a growth hormone and a 6 pack of Jolt cola! I mean seriously, I hope Metropolis has good insurance! The movie has more than action to offer though. Like I mentioned, it’s really about Kal-El/Clark Kent learning how to be Superman. And they do a great job of this by breaking up the ‘origin’ story through out the film.

I could go on and on about this movie, but i’m going to try and wrap it up. Man of Steel is a fantastic ‘comic book’ movie and a fantastic movie in general. The cast is amazing and Henry Cavill IS Superman. I really look forward to seeing more Superman films from this crew. I know there are already rumors that the sequel could come has early as next year, though I find that hard to believe. Ahh the internet is good at spreadin’ rumors. Anyway, I really don’t think any other movie this summer can top Man of Steel. The only film that comes to mind as a competitor would be Pacific Rim, but you’ll have to wait until later this summer for that review!

Ok, my review may have turned more into a ‘rant’ than a ‘review’ per se, but that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. I hope I didn’t come off as too ‘fanboy’ – but this movie was just a lot of fun. I hope this review was helpful, or at least interesting. I also hope you enjoy my Superman drawing! That’s it for now, thanks for reading and I’ll see you here next week – cheers!


One response

  1. Could have been so much better, but fun and exciting for what it was. Good review.

    June 20, 2013 at 10:25 am

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