a Web Comic by Lutz A.D.

Motorized Patriot – Bioshock Infinite


Hello everyone! Sorry for the no post last week, I just needed a little break to catch up on a few things. I recently finished playing the video game Bioshock Infinite, if you haven’t heard of it or played it, I highly recommend checking it out! But you may want to start with Bioshock and possibly Bioshock 2 before jumping into Infinite. This is a drawing of one of the bad guys, The Motorized Patriot. He’s a robotic version of George Washington that was originally built to be a tour guide in the floating city of Columbia. But as you play the game, you will see he gets used for something quite different… They lack a self-preservation instinct and are completely fearless. They are pretty much Steampunk Terminators! Ok, Ok, so you get the idea. The game is a lot of fun and the story was brilliant, with a great twist. After I finished the game, I had to do a little fan drawing of one of my favorite characters. I will try to post next week, as there’s a character that I’m just dying to draw from a different genre. It’s just hard, because with every spare minute I get, I keep plugging away on my own comic. With every page that I finish, it’s like a little battery charge. It’s just so cool to finally see something materializing and becoming a reality… Anyway, enough rambling for now. I really hope you enjoy The Motorized Patriot, and be sure to tell a friend! Thanks for reading and until next time – Cheers!



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