a Web Comic by Lutz A.D.

Beware The Creeper!

The Creeper

That’s right, The Creeper! I had no idea what to draw this week, as I’ve been slaving away on my own comic (slowly making progress). So, while looking for inspiration I came across a Creeper comic, I had totally forgot about him! Usually when I’m in a slump, I go back and look at some of the masters – Steve Ditko is more often than not my go to guy, and rightfully so. Beware The Creeper was a short lived DC comic back in the 60s created by Dennis O’Neil and Steve Ditko; though he has made guest appearances throughout the decades, even up to the New 52. Now,  I loved the Creeper design that Ditko created, but I wanted to add my own little twist to it. Manipulating those colors probably took the longest, I wanted to retain the classic ‘Creeper’ colors, but also give him my own colorful palette. Anyway, it was great inking practice with the Brush Pen and good experimentation. Well that’s it for now, hope you enjoy the Creeper! Until next week, thanks for reading – Cheers!



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