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A Little ‘Evil Dead’ Review & Art!

Evil Dead Cabin

Wow, what’s this? I’m posting twice in one week?! Yup! i was going to post this yesterday, but decided to wait a day. So anyway, I just wanted to give my own little ‘Spoiler Free’ review of the new Evil Dead. I’ve been pretty excited for this film for months now. I’m not going to lie, when i first heard about it, i rolled my eyes and passed it off as another heartless remake. However, as filming commenced, my anticipation and attitude changed. Over the last several months I’ve sat, eagerly awaiting the premiere date, and this last weekend, i finally got my taste of Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead … I must say, it was worth the wait!

Now, I want to keep this Spoiler Free for anyone who hasn’t had the chance to see it yet. From the opening scene, the movie grabbed a hold of me right away. I will say that it takes a little bit to adjust to this movie, as we’ve been exposed to last 3 Evil Dead films for decades. But, as soon as you spot that first ‘easter egg’ reference to the original, it’s pretty easy to sit back and feel at home with this new interpretation. i won’t say what any of those ‘nods’ are, but they are scattered throughout the film, which i thought was really cool!

The film does take a little bit to pick up the pace, but i have to say, I found the back story of why they were there pretty interesting. Which, when I first read the original synopsis months ago, I was a bit wary of – but this works! Now, on to the good stuff. For all you Gore Hounds out there, you will not be disappointed! This movie is filled with awesome, over the top, and practical effects! It was, well, it was awesome! With that said, if you are expecting to go in and get a lot of cheap scares, you’re gonna get more blood than screams. I found there to be a couple of ‘creepy’ or ‘oh shit!’ moments throughout, and that was enough for me. On top of that, the cinematography and Fede Alvarez’s use of Raimi’s old camera tricks are outstanding in this. It really makes it feel like it belongs in the Evil Dead family.

Now i really enjoyed the Climax of the film, though some of my friends had a problem with the ending. Again, I’m keep this Spoiler Free, so don’t freak out. It did take me a few hours to sit with the ending, while discussing it with friends. After letting it soak in for a bit, they seemed fine with it. With that said, after i recently read what the ‘alternate ending’ was, it got me even more excited for this movie! I’m keeping my mouth shut, but this alternate better be on the Blu Ray! Speaking of the end of the movie, do yourself a favor and watch the credits, also notice how cool it is to see (the original team) Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Robert Tapert’s names together again as Producers!

So, i hope that was an informative enough review and incentive for you to go see Evil Dead, without spoiling anything. I really enjoyed this movie, and would love to go see it again soon! As you’ve probably noticed, i drew another Evil Dead inspired piece with this post. I had to, i mean, if I’m gonna do a review, why not through some art in too, right?! Ok i hope you enjoy my ‘Evil Dead Cabin’ and my review – it was a lot of fun! Who knows, i may start drawing a companion piece with more movie reviews in the near future. As always, thanks for reading – cheers! (Lutz A.D.)


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  1. Nailed it !

    June 7, 2013 at 11:33 am

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