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Richard Brooker 1954 – 2013

RIP Richard Brooker

some sad news yesterday. Richard Brooker passed away at the age of 58. for those of you who don’t know, Richard played Jason in Friday the 13th Part 3 (3D). he was the first Jason to dawn the iconic hockey mask. He also directed a bunch of episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy. i first met Richard a few years ago at a local Horror convention. my friends and i hit it off with him right away. he and my wife also got along great, as they chatted on and on about horses and horse training. he ended up partying with all of us that night, and in true professional fashion, was up bright and early for the next day of the convention. last year he returned to the Twin Cities to attend another convention. we met up with him again and had some drinks in the bar, having a fantastic time. when it was time for us to leave, i literally had to pull my wife away as they wouldn’t stop talking about horses! the two of them have also kept in touch through Facebook over the last year. that’s why his sudden death comes as such a shock. so this is my little tribute to him. he was a very nice and kind man, he will be sorely missed by many people. my thoughts go out to his family at this time. RIP Richard Brooker, 1954 – 2013.


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