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Swallow Your Soul!

Swallow Your Soul

greetings everyone! sorry for the ‘no post’ last week, things just got out of control with work and i had no free time. it has been crazy lately, not just with work, but also pop culture! this past weekend the premiere of Game of Thrones aired (which i haven’t watched yet, so no spoilers!) and the season finale of The Walking Dead – which was super awesome! not to mention Bioshock Infinite came out! that game is killing all of my productivity, but i love it! and let’s not forget, EVIL DEAD comes out this week! i am totally stoked for this movie! like, i’m The Dark Knight excited for this movie, can’t wait! if you’ve been following the news, if Evil Dead does well, they are making a direct sequel to it (which is apparently already in the works). on top of that, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell will return for The Army of Darkness 2 and then do a crossover film where both franchises, new and old, meet!!! (takes a deep breath) anyway, have i mentioned that i’m really excited? haha!

that’s why i decided that drawing a ‘Deadite’ for this week was perfect. i haven’t really drawn any horror type stuff as of late, so it was fun to do, hope you enjoy him! on a side note, i’ve also been inking the comic when i get time. i’ve killed like 4 Micro pens already! i think i mite have to pull out the old quill pen, it’s been awhile. this drawing was done with my Brush Pen, still practicing, and still experimenting with color. alrighy, enough Fanboy geekery for this week. i’ll be back next week with a new drawing and a short Spoiler Free review of Evil Dead. thanks for ready and cheers!




2 responses

  1. edenfre

    Love the drawing! And I totally agree with pop culture being crazy lately :p Unfortunately for me, Evil dead will not come out until next month… Stupid Norwegian cinema 😦 Guess Ill have to settle for the old Evil Dead trilogy for now. which is not to bad I guess.

    April 2, 2013 at 5:16 pm

    • thank you, glad you like it! i feel for ya man, that sucks ya gotta wait another month! no spoilers from me 😉

      April 3, 2013 at 9:52 am

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