a Web Comic by Lutz A.D.

robin – r.i.p.

Robin RIP

a little late today – but better late, then never! just another quick doodle this week. i figured this isn’t much of a spoiler anymore, as the comic came out about a month ago. but, if you haven’t heard, Robin, aka Damian Wayne, aka Bruce Wayne’s son, is dead! i couldn’t believe it when i read it. i actually liked Damian, i thought he was a good character. now, this isn’t the first time a Robin has died. Back in 1989, Jason Todd, the second Robin was killed by the Joker in Death in the Family. it’s still a favorite comic of mine. so when i drew this little tribute to Damian, i decided to give him a ‘classic’ Robin outfit. i’m very curious how this is going to effect the future of Batman, especially after the events in Death of the Family (not to be confused with Death IN the Family). alright, that’s enough comic nerdery for now! hope you like my little tribute. until next week, thanks for reading – cheers!




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