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the phantom!

the phantom

last week was another long week. and over the weekend i tried to draw a bunch of different stuff with my Brush Pen. unfortunately, i could not find my rhythm, basically i sucked. everything i tried to draw looked like crap, at least in my eyes. so after a very frustrating sunday afternoon, i drew this little guy to release some steam. to my surprise, i thought he actually turned out pretty good! so without further adieu, i give you … The Man Who Cannot Die – The Phantom!

i don’t know what it is about the Phantom, i’ve always thought he was a fun character, maybe not one of the most popular though. the thing is, the Phantom is like one of, if not the first, superhero/crime fighters to dawn a mask and tights. on top of that, he’s got guns, a wolf as a sidekick, has a skull as his symbol, etc, etc. he’s pretty damn cool. anyway, i love the early years of comics, the Golden Age if you will. there’s something so charming and alluring about it to this day. on top of that, pretty much every character of that era fought gangsters and kicked nazi ass! alright, alright, you get the picture. if i get some time, i may try a few more of these Golden Age cartoon characters, they are just so much fun! ok that’s it for now, thanks for reading – cheers!

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