a Web Comic by Lutz A.D.

batten down the hatches!

Pirate Ship

just a quick post today. this is a mini illustration i’ve wanted to do for our bathroom for sometime now. i put a quarter next to it to try and show the actual size. now it didn’t quite turn out the way i wanted, but i still like it! and i had a lot of fun doing it, so much that i’m thinking of doing a variation of it. but we’ll see, i have a pile of canvas that needs to get painted and a comic book i need to finish. with that said, i will try to post something next week, but i’m gonna try and put most of my focus into the comic. spring is coming and i’m sticking to my guns, i want this sucker up this summer! (hey, i can hear you rolling your eyes… i know i’ve been saying this for a year, but i’m focused now!) haha, ok, hope you like this little fella. be sure to check back each week and thanks for reading! cheers!


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