a Web Comic by Lutz A.D.

sha, sha … Shark!


i wasn’t sure if i was gonna get to post anything today, things have been pretty hectic this week. plus, when i do have spare time, i’ve been trying to plug away on the comic. anyway, here’s this week’s drawing! it’s another exploration – i’ve been having fun reacquainting myself with watercolors. this was also somewhat of a “timed drawing” – i tried to keep everything under 30 minutes. the initial drawing and watercolor took about 10 minutes, i decided to do a little stippling at the end, which took about another 2o minutes. the purpose of timing myself is to just let myself go. before i drew this, i recalled my life drawing classes, we would have to draw an entire person ranging from 45 secs to 2 minutes, just using a few strokes. this is extremely helpful in training your brain to recognize form, among other things. sometimes i get to to caught up in this though … technical skills are important to work on as well, which is something i’ve been trying to do.

ok, that’s enough talky for now. i hope you like my shark drawing! i don’t know why, but when i look at him, i think of 1980’s Miami or Scarface. maybe that’s what i’ll call this piece, Scarface! could also be that i’m sick of winter and dreaming of warmer days … sigh. alrighty, as always, thanks for checking out my art and reading my ramblings – until next time, cheers!




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