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ashen t-shirt design


i actually finished this illustration around Thanksgiving, but am just now able to share it. i was asked to create a T-shirt design for a Minneapolis Punk-Metal band called Ashen. it was a lot of fun, but boy, this illustration was a hand cramper! mainly because the drawing was done with Stippling (using the pen to create a dot pattern). i like this method, but i try not to use it to often. i feel like a lot of artists do it, but it was perfect for this project! the problem is, it’s very time consuming and takes a lot of patience. but at the same time, it works well for detail and screen printing. anyway, i’m pretty happy with this piece, it’s got a bit of a “Pushead” feel to it, who has always been one of my favorite artists. Sid was also gracious enough to model for me (wink, wink)!

ashen-skullto your left, you’ll see the original illustration. i scanned that into photoshop and prepared it for screen printing. ok, before i go, one little note. i’m going to shoot for Tuesdays around 10am for posts from now on. this could change and i will let you know if it does. i was also thinking about Thursdays, but decided to start with Tuesdays for now. as i mentioned, i’ll keep you posted if it changes. so please check back next Tuesday, i’ve got a really cool project i just finished and i can’t wait to share! cheers and thanks for reading! be sure to come visit me on Facebook and Twitter!


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