a Web Comic by Lutz A.D.

Frank vs Wolfy sketch


i’m back! sorry for such a long delay in posting, besides the holidays, there was a lot going on the last month. i’m hoping to get back to a semi regular posting basis. i’ve had some new, really cool, projects over the last month that i’m excited to share – as well as keeping the comic book on track! on another note, i’ve discovered it’s time for a new computer, which sucks. but that’s a whole other story i don’t want to get into…

so last week i put out a request for sketch ideas on Facebook, alas i only got one suggestion, but it was a good one! the request was for Frankenstein’s Monster battling the Wolfman! this is my rendition of that suggestion. i like to call him Frank, yes i know Frankenstein is actually the scientist – let it go (gives the fanboy a hug). this was a fun and challenging little drawing. though looking at it, i can tell i’ve read a comic or two, Frank looks a little like the Hulk, haha! but that’s ok with me. alright, i hope you like Frank vs Wolfy, and if you haven’t yet, please come visit The Dead Have Issues on Facebook! i may do another sketch request soon, cheers and thanks for reading!


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