a Web Comic by Lutz A.D.


Spider Ham

so i decided to do another quick warm up sketch. i wanted to do something fun while also getting some practice. the Captain America sketch was pretty fun, which got me to thinking – why not draw Spidey?! but then i was like, why not do Spider Ham?! so there ya have it, i ‘borrowed’ an ultimate spider-man pose, and gave him a ‘hammy’ twist. i did another quick color job as well (which i think is helping, i don’t over-think it, just color it). this guy was a lot of fun! i haven’t drawn any ‘superheros’ in ages – they’re really good practice and great for learning, and hell, really fun! alright, i feel like i’m repeating myself … Spider Ham! yea! ok, that’s it for now. it’s snowing, time to hunker down and watch The Dark Knight Rises. as always, thanks for reading and cheers!


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