a Web Comic by Lutz A.D.

CAP Sketch

well hello there! so, i know it’s been awhile since i last posted anything. with the Holidays upon us, things are getting hectic. i am going to try and render that though, i’ve got a whole slue of new projects in the works! not to mention that pesky comic book i keep talking/making excuses about… that will most likely start making it’s way online this winter (but i’m not making any promises, that seems to bite me in the ass more often than not). anyway, i decided to post a quick (and very loose) doodle i did earlier today. it’s of one of my favorite and most iconic Marvel characters, Captain America!

i just love Cap, i have since i was a kid. He’s in my top 5, along with Batman, Superman, Spiderman and … hmm, i’d have to give #5 some thought, that’s a tough one. i like these quick warm up doodles – sometimes they turn out like shit, but that’s why it’s practice, eh? maybe i’ll post some more of these and of my favorite characters. that way i can at least keep my blog interesting until the faithful day my comic appears. anyway, i hope you like Cap. i put up the original sketch with a very quick color job next to it. i’ll try and post another quicky next week, until then, Cheers!! and thanks for reading!


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