a Web Comic by Lutz A.D.


Ripfits - 13 Hits From Hell

Happy Halloween everyone!! i’m really excited today! i just finished my Halloween costume last nite for myself and my wife. i’ll be sure to post a picture of us later this week. it was a lot of work, but i’m pretty happy. oh, but the big announcement i’ve been talking about…. (drum roll) the Ripsnorter Misfits Tribute album came out today! The Ripfits: 13 Hits From Hell – now what’s the connection with me? well i did the Cover art! you may remember me mentioning it way back in the summer months, but it’s finally here and it’s FREE!!! that’s right, FREE!! i’m really happy with how the cover came out, especially the colors. the monkey concept is a little inside joke between myself and the band. it has to do with the song Monkey’s Paw (the Jerry Only Misfits). oh i almost forgot, i play guitar on the bonus tracks as well! Ok, enough jibber jabber, go download the album and headbang while you vast in all of it’s monkey glory! ok, ok… have i sold you on it yet? hehe… alright, until next time, cheers!


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