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i want my mummy (halloween sketch #9)

i want my mummy

wow, sketch number 9 already! only 1 more to go before Halloween – can you believe it? after next friday – the last Halloween sketch, i will most likely post on the following Wednesday, Halloween. i have something really cool that i’ve been working on and i’m hoping i’ll be able to share it that day. it’s not a personal project, so i have to make sure it’s cool that i share it. i’ve got to say, these sketches have really been a good kick in the pants and good practice for the comic. those first pages have been sitting idol for sometime now and i’m anxious to get back at them. i’ve really been pushing myself with the style. once i start getting use to the flow and characters, i’m hoping the pages will start flying out a little faster. i’m sure people are getting sick of random concept art over the last year, but it’s something i really needed to explore. i think if i would have just jumped in, things would not be up to par. so what i’m trying to say is, thank you to all the people that keep coming back to check out my art!

oh, i almost forgot! i’ve finally started a Facebook page for The Dead Have Issues. i just figured, hey it’s probably time, right? there’s also a little widget in the footer now (down below, check it out). i’ve thought about moving that stuff up to the side bar, as it gets kinda lost in the footer. i just don’t like how it interferes with the art, so i think that’s where it will stay until i update the site’s theme. ok, i’m rambling now. so with that, i hope you enjoy I Want My Mummy (corny, eh?) and i’ll see you here next week for the final installment of the Halloween Sketches! cheers!


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