a Web Comic by Lutz A.D.

candy apples & razor blades (halloween sketch #5)

candy apples & razor blades

alright, so first off, for the more sensitive readers out there – i in no way condone putting razor blades in treats, haha! i just wanted to try something different. this is in homage to one of my favorite bands the Misfits and their song Halloween, in which this is one of the lyrics. i’m also fascinated by American Folklore and Urban Legends. so i thought this might be an interesting drawing to keep mixing things up. like the witches brew, i may revisit this one someday, as i like the concept. i did want to mention that i’ve been receiving some requests from people that would like to purchase some of these drawings. i am working towards opening an Etsy site and i believe i have figured out a cool/affordable way to produce these. but, i’m going to wait until the series is complete. i’v also got a pile of other projects that need tending to, not to mention the comic! that sucker is gonna be out by the end of the year, even if i have to take time off from work to get it up!
oh, one more thing. if anyone out there will be attending MN’s Crypticon this year, i will be part of the Zombie Ammo: Zombie Panel. it’s going to be really cool, even if you are not into zombies. we have a survival expert who will be talking about a lot of interesting survival techniques. yours truly will be the resident ‘zombie movie expert’ – which is a reminder that i’ve seen waaaay to many movies! ha! ok, that’s it for now, thanks for reading – cheers!


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