a Web Comic by Lutz A.D.

the pumpkin guardian kitty! (halloween sketch # 3)

pumpkin guardian kitty

yea, it’s friday! i’ve been anxious all week to post this guy! he was really fun to draw. the trickiest thing about doing these sketches has been drawing without an eraser. it’s like working without a net. it helps me (imo) become a better artist. knowing that if i fall, i have to pick myself up and start all over, or i can figure out how to work with the mistake and see where it takes me. that’s kinda part of the adventure i guess. the other tricky part has been color. i’m really trying to learn some new techniques as i go. let’s face it, color can make or break a piece. you could have a great drawing, but ruin it if you don’t have the right colors. now, i’m no expert by any means, but color has been becoming one of my major interests as of late. i wish i would have dug deeper when i was in color theory class all those years ago. but i digress, i really hope you enjoy the “pumpkin guardian” and hopefully spread the word! oh and for anyone interested, the comic is still in the works. the coloring is gonna take a long time though; hopefully all these Halloween sketches will help prep me for it when i get there. alright, be sure to check back next Friday for my 4th sketch in the Halloween series! as always, thanks for reading! cheers!


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