a Web Comic by Lutz A.D.

Updates on stuff and things.

well, it’s been awhile since i’ve posted anything; and i’m sure i will sound like a broken record here, but i’ve been busy. design work at the day job has been picking up and keeping my hands tied. also, as i mentioned in an earlier post, i’ve completed work on the album On A Darker Dawn by War//Plague. the record was just released and looks pretty schnazy if i don’t say so myself. i did the illustration and design (what a beast of a project)! i’m putting together a step-by-step process for that. i’ll be posting that sometime next week.

ok, onto the comic. things are moving a long, slowly. haha, as if that’s any surprise. right now, i’m really trying to step back and figure out what the hell it is i’m doing. do i want to upgrade my site to Comicpress? do i just want to keep things as is and just post pages? do i want to allow people to download in PDF? etc, etc, etc. on top of that, i’m really trying to figure out WordPress and some code. because i’ll be honest, i’ve just been winging it so far (you don’t say?). i do want to give this site a bit of a face lift as well, cuz it’s kinda ‘meh’ right now.

besides being a Web-comic, i want this site to be a place where i can post other drawings and work i’ve been doing. so, i’ll be making a section for that on this site, eventually. i’ve also started getting a few requests for commissioned drawings and paintings. so i need to start taking that into consideration too. i began laying out some hand drawn wireframes the other day, to try and figure out how i want things to layout, look and function. anyway, i’m sure that sounds pretty boring. but the point is, i have not abandoned this project, i’m just kind of learning as i go. ok, so that’s where things stand thus far. this site/comic will launch this year! just not next week like i planned… but, i’m going to start setting milestones for myself, that way i can attempt to keep things on track. i do have some pages drawn, just not enough to start things yet. i want at least a 10-15 page buffer when i post the first few pages.

alrighty, thanks for reading! if anyone out there reading is at SDCC this weekend, i hope you’re having fun! i am jealous! until next week, here’s a quick doodle! cheers! – Lutz A.D.


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