a Web Comic by Lutz A.D.

character introduction

The Dead Have Issues

our protagonists, Eddie and Phil.

ok, so first off, i must apologize for not posting for so long. i’ve just had a lot going on. i recently finished up the new War//Plague artwork for the album On A Darker Dawn. it should be out later this summer on Profane Existence Records. i’ve actually created a step-by-step of it, so i’ll post that soon as well!

Me with the great Allen Bellman (Golden Age Captain America) at Springcon!

now, on to the comic. last weekend i attended Springcon, a comic book convention in Saint Paul, MN. it was a good kick in the pants to get things moving; not tomention, a whole lot of fun! i really need to start pushing things forward and stop procrastinating. easier said than done, right? anyways, i’m just gonna go for it and over the upcoming weeks, i’m going to start inking the pages.

i could sit here for ages posting concept art. one, because it’s fun, and two, because it’s a safe. haha! ok, so i know i’ve posted some concept pieces of these guys before, but i figured it’s time to give an ‘official’ introduction to our main characters. say hello to our main characters, Eddie and Phil.

these guys are the focus of the story. again, the look is getting close, but i just need to start laying out pages and let them evolve. when i launch the comic, i’ll have a more in depth character bio for these guys, including other characters. alright, as always, thanks for reading! don’t forget to tell your friends! cheers, until next time!


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