a Web Comic by Lutz A.D.

workin’ my fingers to the bone…

The Dead Have Issues

hard at work


… no – not really, haha. but i have been pretty busy lately. i have a bunch of other projects that have gotten in the way of the comic. plus, my band war//plague has been wrapping up our new album, On A Darker Dawn. i’m working on some art for it, i think it’s coming together pretty nicely. hopefully we use it, but if not, i will still post pictures. i’ve actually been documenting the process, so i can show the steps from beginning to end. after everything is done i’ll post pictures!

i’m also working on some art for my friends’ band, Ripsnorter. i actually started it awhile ago, but i hated it. so, i scrapped it and i’m starting over. guess i’ll start a new category for non-comic art soon. i’m thinking of taking some time off in the upcoming months to work on the comic. cuz that launch date is creapin’ up on me soon (mid-july)! i’ve still got to redesign this website, and eventually make it into a fully functioning comicpress site too. so many things! alright, so here’s a picture of my messy work area, just to show i haven’t been slackin’  –

haha. i will try and post a new zombie piece next week. until next time, cheers!


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