a Web Comic by Lutz A.D.

pink zombie bunny

The Dead Have Issues

he has risen ...


i was gonna wait and post this next week, but i figured now is as good as any other time. with Easter right around the corner, i figured hey, why not have an Easter zombie? i mean, Jesus was pretty much a zombie, right? he died and came back from the dead, so maybe Easter is like a sacred holiday for zombies or something? honestly, i really just wanted to draw a zombie in a pink bunny outfit. i like pink bunnies …

next week should be pretty hectic, i have two album cover concepts that i’m working on and they are proving to be quite challenging. also, at my day job as a designer, the studio we are in is moving. so, i will try and post something next week, if time allows. alright, until next time, Excalibur or tally ho … or whatever! cheers!


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