a Web Comic by Lutz A.D.

it’s friday i’m embalmed

Robert Smith Zombie

Robert Smith Zombie.


ok, i’ve been in a small creative block recently, so i decided to do something a little different. i almost didn’t post anything this week, but then i had a little idea that seemed fun. The Cure is one of my favorite bands, so it just seemed like a fun idea to turn Robert Smith into a zombie! i decided to really experiment with this one and i think i got something pretty cool out of it. anyway, before i was working on this, i had a small bought with insomnia. but on an up side, i came up with the next chapter of the comic book! i’m excited to get back into writing it; i think it’s going to be a fun chapter.

i’ve also been frustratingly working on facial expressions, while at the same time taking photos for environmental references. all of these exercises can be pretty aggravating, but i think with each new battle, i turn a corner and i’m hopefully becoming a better artist/illustrator. anywho, i hope everyone enjoys these little zombie pin-ups, as i work on the other logistics of the comic. until next time, cheers!


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