a Web Comic by Lutz A.D.

the dead are growing

so i didn’t get a chance to post any art last week, my apologies. last week was pretty hectic with work and life. on the plus side, over the weekend i finished writing the first chapter/issue of the series, which i’m pretty excited about! i also did some more experimenting and i figured out some new techniques. so with that said, i’m hoping to post some more zombie concepts later in the week.

with the first chapter of the script now written, i’m planing on moving back into pencils and getting the basic pages thumbed out. after that i will slowly be moving into inks and then coloring. while i’m doing that, i plan on continuing to write the other chapters, so once this is up and running, there won’t be any awkward breaks in between posts. but i’m getting ahead of myself. i want to keep working on some more techniques and concepts, i’m also working on facial expressions and what not. i may or may not post some of those, we’ll see.

so be sure to check back in the upcoming days, as i promise i will post some more concepts. i’m going to keep trying to post art as time allows, even if it’s just doodles. the next few months will be busy as i start prepping the dead! also, be sure to tell your friends and check back often!  – Lutz A.D.


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